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Illegibilus - Sullivan Rowe by Aiaix Illegibilus - Sullivan Rowe by Aiaix


• Name: Sullivan “Sull” Rowe

• Age: 16

• Gender: Male

• Height: 5’7

• Weight: 140 lbs

• Birthday: April 19th [Aries]

• Nationality: British

• House: Gryffindor

• Year: 5

• Personality:

Extrovert | Happy-go-lucky | Silly | Passionate | Anxious | Energetic | Poor study skills | Eager to learn | Encouraging

    Sullivan is a classic case of an Extrovert. He loves to socialize with others and befriends anyone he bumps into. He doesn’t believe in ‘stranger danger’, just that you have a chance in making a new friend. He’s always happy and silly, always has a smile on his face, and is always determined to have a good day. If it was possible, positive vibes would roll off him every single second of the day. He’s just full of energy and ready to play if someone’s willing and able to keep up with him. Even though he’s halfway towards adulthood, he still acts like a little kid high on sugar. He love, love, loves to encourage people. He just gets a happy feeling inside him when he sees someone do their best at someone because of his praise and encouragement. He’s really a passionate, happy person if that’s easier to explain in fewer words.

    He has his moments though when his extrovert-ness declines, that’s around when he embarrasses himself in front of people he highly respects. He becomes a nervous wreck, mixing up words and sentences, acting before thinking it through, and just making himself look like a totally dope when he really isn’t, just his anxiety kicking in. He has a short attention span as well so if something draws him off his nervousness, he’ll be back to himself once immediately. Another thing that draws him down his studying, he absolutely hates studying that requires staring at a book for longer than five minutes or writing essays and doing paper assignments. When he says he likes to do thing and learn things more hands on, he doesn’t mean paper and pen. And last but not least, anything that freaks him out such as horror tales, he’ll be nervous and jumpy for a while until the fear fades. He isn’t a big fan of those.

• Background:

    Sullivan never expected anything highly of himself. He was always the follower, the supporter, the fan. A minor role in people’s lives, he assumed. Sull was born and raised in Canterbury, England. He was a happy child, a very excited and energetic one too. [His parents had trouble keeping up with him a lot when he was a toddler] He grew up in a small community and made friends easily with his excitable personality. He loved to meet unique people, especially the ‘cool types’ he learned about from stories and television which were the type of people who were mysterious, aloof, and brave. He would try to act like them would only come off as looking as silly and be teased by his friends.

    When Sullivan reached ten years old, he began to become more aware of his surroundings and the weird things he would do but shake off if he could get a laugh or two out of his friends. Sometimes he would do tricks he’d see from television such as magic tricks or basketball tricks and somehow manage to do it almost perfectly. At first he thought it really was magic, but growing up and learning magic didn’t truly exist, he began to question how he was able to do the things he did. It bothered him and he consulted his parents over the matter, but his worries were brushed aside, his parents thinking he was panicking over something trivial. Seeing as his parents weren’t worried, he began to not worry too. And that was when it started to get worse. If he were reaching for something far away, it would suddenly fall and roll towards him. If he would stare at a dead light in his classroom, suddenly it would turn back on. If he would lose something and search for it everywhere, it would suddenly appear in the first place he looked. It was weird and confusing.

    On his eleventh birthday was when everything made sense. After a party with friends and family, he headed to his room to put away his gifts when he noticed a letter on his bed. Curious, he grabbed it and opened it, reading the contents. He was surprised and then suspicious, thinking one of his friends was messing with him. He tossed the letter away and left his room to finish off any remaining cake and dinner. When he returned, he was stunned to see another letter in the exact place. He checked the trash to see the other letter was still there. He grabbed the letter and threw it in the trash before running out the room and closing the door. He waited and counted to ten before opening the door again and there sat another letter. He repeated the process over and over until his mother scolded him for slamming his door repeatedly and demanded to know what was going on. Sull opened the door and pointed to the large quantities of letters on his bed and floor.

    He soon learned that his father was a wizard and magic indeed existed. Sull was confused as to why his father hadn’t believed him before about his incidents with magic in the past and his father only grinned and said “it seemed more interesting to see what you’d do if you found out on your own”. And with that, lead to Sull’s first year of schooling in Hogwarts. Magic became a part of his life and he loved every second of it. The only downfalls was that he couldn’t get into the same House as his father had been in and that he wasn’t as knowledgeable on magic as most, so he had a hard time making friends, but managed to be friendly with classmates at least. But even with the small downfalls, each year brought him more love for the magic world and the urge to learn more and do more.

• Family:

Father [47; Pureblood;  Teacher]

Mother [47; Muggle; Office worker]

Brother [9; Mixed blood; Elementary student]

• Likes & Dislikes:

+ Hands-on lessons | Learning new techniques

+ Idols | Role models

+ Sub sandwiches | Club sandwiches

+ Quidditch

+ Puns | Jokes | Riddles

+ New people | New friends

- Studying | Homework

- Dull days | Dull weather | Dull lessons

- Horror stories | Horror Myths | Anything horror related

- Plain tea

- Upsetting people  

• Elective Classes:

- Care of Magical Creatures

- Divination

• Extra Curricular:

- Art

- Earth Magic

• Spells

Unlocking Charm - Alohomora [Unlocks nonmagical locks. Most magical locks are enchanted to be impervious.]

Incendio - Incendio [Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand. The power of this spell increases with the skill and experience of the caster.]

Locomotor Charm - Locomotor [Causes a specified object to move at the discretion of the caster, usually directed by movements of the wand.]

Incarcerous - Incarcerous [Binds a victim with magically conjured ropes.]

Releasing Charm - Relashio [Forces someone or something binding the caster to release - it can break the grip of a hand or unfasten chains or ropes. It has also been used as a defensive charm, and in skilled hands can have concussive effects.]

• Wand Ingredients

Core: Dragon

Length: 12 1/2 inches

Wood: Dogwood

Flexibility: Surprisingly Swishy

• Achievements

n o n e

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Hello dear child *^*

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How lovely :iconloveloveplz:

Hopefully we'll see you soon
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It's magic ofc- :iconfabbplz:

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so underrated-
Aiaix Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
dA search is magic :iconcryingmingplz:
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I definitely know they are underrated, most prefer
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Epic-ErikaPhobia Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Student General Artist
It most certainly is!


I await for you arrival my dear

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I can't do it man-
Aiaix Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think it's best to rp with silent guys if it's a lit rp,
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-sets up camp and waits for opening- And now to keep on waiting
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